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The Godfather Slot

The Godfather Slot

If you are a fan of the massive blockbuster film and its subsequent sequels, then why not give The Godfather slot machine a try? This follows the great tradition of new online casino slot games which use films and television shows as a form of inspiration, allowing them to draw imagery and themes from these sources to create a slot machine game that is not only entertaining, but also gives a real nod to the film that inspired it. Movie buffs will love this one, as rather than using photographs from the film it uses hand drawn images to create a really nice atmosphere which will have you forgetting that you are playing over the internet and feeling as though you are stepping back in time.

When you play The Godfather online slot you will see images from the film as well as some traditional slot machine symbols. The lowest payers are the common A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9, which are drawn here to look as though they are printed onto playing cards for extra added effect. They all appear in different colours to make sure that you can tell them apart at a glance, and this will help to make the game much simpler for you to play. Next up the symbols include the infamous dead horse's head wrapped in a blanket, followed by the sawn off shotgun and a solitary orange sitting calmly on the reels. A red rose is the highest paying symbol, which will help you to get a really good jackpot if you manage to match five of them, and then there are the bonus symbols. The scatter is a gold signet ring, and if you find three or more of these appearing from left to right on one of your selected pay lines then you will trigger the Bonus Feature Game. The wild symbol is the famous title logo that is used on posters and other memorabilia for the film, and if this comes up on the reels it can act as a substitute for any other normal symbol save for the ring. It only appears on reels two, three, and four, but when it comes up you can use it to make a match that you would not otherwise have been able to come up with.

With twenty lines across the five reels, this slot machine could gain you a small fortune, enough to start living and dressing like a Don yourself. The best part of the whole slot is that there is a progressive jackpot attached to it, split into four sections to allow you to win a huge amount if everything lines up correctly for you. The four levels of jackpot that you can win in The Godfather slot machine include the Gold Blitz Jackpot, the Gold Quick Jackpot, the Gold Super Jackpot, and the Gold Mega Jackpot, which is the highest. Each one resets to a certain level every time it is won, then builds up.